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Welcome Legal Advisor

Los Angeles

Advocate Mr. Yadav

A legal advisor provides advice to clients on legal issues, documents, and decisions. These advisors usually specialize in a particular area of law, remaining within that field for most or all of their career. Companies principally use legal advisors to prevent and resolve legal disputes between their company and clients or government agencies. Day-to-day duties for a legal advisor include providing advice to the head of their company's legal department, managing internal and external legal resources, and providing legal guidance on issues such as policies, disputes, employment, and contracts. They are also responsible for reading and reviewing all legal documents the company produces and receives, as well as working with other legal staff as required. Legal advisors typically work full time in an office setting; they are typically supervised by the head of their company's legal department

Legal Advisor Tasks

  • Provide legal advice regarding disputes, preventing litigation, and contractual and regulatory issues to businesses and individuals.
  • Negotiate with opposing parties to remedy disputes.
  • Analyze and interpret contracts for clients.